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Matrimonial law can often be a complicated and lengthy process. Understandably, it can also be an emotional time for those involved. As divorce lawyers, we will provide legal counsel to try and make your case as smooth as possible. Our legal counsel in matters of matrimonial law is based not only on our knowledge of the law but also on our insight into the inner workings of the court system itself. You can put your trust in our team.

The Terbrusch Law Firm provides clients with legal counsel in all types of family matters including: divorce and civil unions; pre- and post-nuptial agreements; custody and visitation; alimony and child support; and high asset and income preservation. The divorce lawyers at the Terbrusch Law Firm understand the nexus of complex legal issues, human goals, and emotions that occur in family cases.

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Richard P. Terbrusch is a Connecticut Matrimonial Attorney and the principal attorney of The Terbrusch Law Firm. Prior, he served as a senior official in Connecticut’s court system, where he gained knowledge from inside and outside the legal system, a powerful advantage for the clients of the Terbrusch Law Firm.

It's time to talk to a caring professional who can explain your legal options and help you achieve the best possible results financially and for your family. Contact us for a completely confidential free consultation or to request our free divorce guide. Our divorce lawyers proudly serve the Danbury, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Wilton & Ridgefield, CT Areas.
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