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Divorce Day

In the United Kingdom the Independent Newspaper observed that "January 8 is being dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by lawyers because of the spike in couples considering ending their marriages after the festive period." Why is January considered the most popular month to file for divorce? Most clients that come to me in January, especially if they have young children, state that they didn't want the Holidays associated forevermore with their divorce. Still, others state that the Holidays only highlighted the reasons why their relationship irretrievably had broken down.

Whatever the reason, such sentiments raise an important question: should I "time" my divorce? January a natural way to usher in changes that have long been considered but not acted upon - a time for resolution and change. But timing a divorce has less to do with the calendar and more to do with preparation. You are prepared for a initiating a divorce, whatever the season, when you have the following in place: (1) emotional support; (2) information and (3) financial resources.

Emotional Support . Divorces take an emotional toll on both spouses and children. There is no denying this. Divorces - and the legal process that it engenders - are emotionally draining. A person considering divorce should have their emotional supports in place, whether that is a sibling, clergy member or a support group (the latter do exist - click here for one of the best ). The simple fact is that once your Attorney serves and files your papers there will be trying days ahead and, because divorce is essentially adversarial, some of it will be unexpected and outside your control. Best to have emotional supports in place.

Information . Don't be fooled - all divorces, even "friendly" ones, are adversarial. I like to say it is a question of intensity - will it be an ugly (high intensity) fight or civilized one (low intensity)? Whatever the case, you will better positioned to win if you do some home work before filing. That is why we ask all new clients to gather and bring to the first meeting all the financial information (theirs and their spouse's) they can get their hands on. We also ask for any other documentation that may be relevant, such as incriminating e-mails, texts or written notes. This helps us laser focus our later discovery requests and set the strategy for the case. As Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese strategist famously observed in his Art of War, all contests are typically won in the planning phase.

Financial Resources. If you are going to file for divorce, you are going to need a lawyer. Good, effective family lawyers are not cheap. You could go it alone, or use a cheap online service, but I wouldn't recommend it. You get what you pay for. If you needed major surgery you wouldn't do it yourself. A divorce is similar, analogous to "major surgery" on your life, potentially determining how you live the rest of your life. Open a credit card in your name or borrow money from a family member. Hire the best family lawyer you can afford.

Once you have the above three considerations in place you are ready to file for divorce.

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