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Start Your Marriage Off on the Right Foot

Many couples who are preparing to get married feel strange about sitting down and forming a prenuptial agreement. It may seem old-fashioned or even untrusting to ask your partner to sign a prenuptial marital agreement. However, these agreements can actually help build trust and security in a relationship by laying everything out on the table. It is important that you discuss how you would like your affairs and personal property handled should you get divorced or should you become suddenly ill. At The Terbrusch Law Firm, we help couples form marital agreements both before (prenuptial agreements) and after marriage (postnuptial agreements).

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Forming Prenuptial & Postnuptial Marital Agreements

At our firm, we know that no two couples are exactly the same and therefore, your marriage agreement shouldn't be either. We can work with you to build a marital agreement that suits the needs of both parties. This may include protections for your children from a previous marriage or property you are bringing into the marriage.

All marital agreements can be used to address the following types of issues:

  • How death benefits will be handled
  • How property matters will be handled
  • The obligations and rights of post-marital property
  • The obligations and rights of pre-marital property

Seek Trusted Legal Counsel in Stamford

No one gets married thinking that they will ever get divorced. However, if you enter into a marriage with a properly constructed prenuptial agreement, it can provide you with peace of mind that you and your partner are on the same page. Having a dedicated and experienced legal advocate to guide you through building a solid foundation for your future marriage can have many benefits.

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